The growing importance of the Trans-Caspian international transport route was discussed in Turkey

Offsite meetings of the working group and the general meeting of the association of legal entities "International Association" Trans-Caspian International Transport Route "(hereinafter referred to as the Association)" were held in Ankara (Turkey).

The participants of the general meeting were presented with a report on the results of the activities of the Association for 2021. The stable growth of transit and container traffic along the TITR was noted in the final report. Thus, over the past year, 25.2 thousand twenty-foot equivalent containers (TEU) were transported along the TITR route, which is 20% more than in 2020.

The participants of the general meeting also approved tariff rates and volumes (forecast) of cargo transportation along the TITR route for 2022. This year, cargo transshipment is projected to grow six times, at the level of 3.2 million tons. This is due to the sharply increased demand for the TITR route against the backdrop of recent events taking place in the world. The container shipping plan also aims to increase to 50,000 twenty-foot equivalent containers (TEU).